You just arrive at your home from work. It's 5.30 in the evening. You open the door; you start to see last night toys on the floor, paper and candy plastics left on the table and your house looks unmanageable. Previous night dishes unwashed and smelly rubbish from the bin. Organizing your home is like a dream. 

What an unmanageable life. You like
clean and organize the home, but it seems like everything is not under control. Time flies so fast, how can you find time for it. It's like you have to remember everything and now you forget to manage your home.

organizing your home

"It must be easy if I have a maid!" But you can just talk to your inner voice. Nobodies listen.

As a working mom, you have a lot of task at our work, and you always forget to manage our home and your kids. Your home is supposed to be a place for relaxing your mind, but it's like more job needs to do when you reach your house.

Today's blog post can help you to clean and organize your home quickly. Maybe not perfect, but at least it looks more manageable than before. Here I list 8 easy and simple ways of organizing your home faster.

organizing your home

1) Minimise and declutter non-used item - Damaged furniture, nonused thing or anything that use once in a while you can put it aside. Throw away damaged items or donate it to someone like your cousins or friends if it still in right conditions.

For any collectible items and things that you used only on specific occasion put it inside a box or in a closed cabinet. And when you want to use it you can take it out later. The purpose of doing this is to maximize space. The more the area, the better. You can have a look here for more tips on  how to declutter your home.

2) Label everything - Haha! You don't have to label everything including you tv or furniture. What I mean here is, please tag any drawer, cabinets, spices bottles, containers that are containing cooking ingredients. Files and magazine are essential too.

You can put a label, for example, in the kitchen, sugar on a sugar bottle, flour, salt, and spices. For a TV cabinet, you can label magazine rack, CD, DVD, and collectibles. All critical files like certificate, birth certificate, bills and any other documents are labels in different folders. This will help you to organizing your home faster.

organizing your home

3) Small clutter bags in every room - To minimize time consumption every room must have dustbin. Sometimes you don't need things like plastics, papers, and tissue. You don't need to go to the kitchen and throw it there. 

You can just throw it in the dustbin nearby and collect all the small clutter bags every morning and throw it together with the trash in the kitchen.

4) Whiteboard sheet in every room - Whiteboard adhesive sheet is essential. This really help me a lot. You don't have to use the big size one. You can cut it into A4 size, or if you can afford you can buy the small whiteboard one. Put a whiteboard marker beside it.

For example, if you remember something to buy, or run out of salt, you can write it on the whiteboard. Any creative idea that pop-up in your head you can jot it down and you can minimize the chance to forget any critical task. When shopping time, just refer to your whiteboard and no need to take time to think what things you want to buy.

organizing your home

5) Wash dishes immediately - This is crucial! Like the situation above, there are dishes from last night on the sink when you reach your home. You must complete any work or task on the same day to avoid time-consuming on the next day.

Organizing your home will be easier. After any meals or cooking, please wash it immediately. It just takes 5 to 10 minutes to do so. Try it; it will bring a big difference!

6) Teaching kids to clean - Organizing your home faster means you don't do it alone. You need more hands to help you. Small kids are cute, but they also make us tired. If you have kids three years old above, you can teach them about the clean house is essential for them too. Make them realized that it's their home also, both of you need to take care of your home together. I teach my 5-year-old son to sweep the floor while my three-year-old daughter help to pick up the toys from the floor after playtime. If they don't want to pick up the toys, never angry with them. Just tell them, "If I pick up the toys, I will keep it, and you cannot play with them anymore." (If this happens, you must firm with your decision. Don't give them play for a day, use this as a punishment for them) Trust me; they will pick up by themselves after that.

organizing your home

7) Set a place for play - Playing is an essential part of your kid's life. Set a suitable place for them. I use rectangle mats in my living room so they will play on the mats only. Set rules.

Keep any toys that fall off the carpet. Just play one type of toys at one time. If they want to play another one, please keep the first toy and take out the second one. After playing, just take all the four ends of the carpet and stored the toys. Simple right?

8) Make sure everything has home - This one may be difficult to follow for the first time. But if you stick to it, it will become a habit. Please put your car key at the hook and magazine or books at the magazine rack.

This will save your time when you want to use it. No more time wasted searching for your car key again. So, every time you want to use anything, you know where to find it.

organizing your home

If you are still busy and have no time, you can check this post to help you. In this post, I lists 45 hacks to make your life easier. So, what next? It's your time to apply all these eight tips. I don't want to give you up to 50 tips now. I know you are busy. So, what are you waiting for, try one for a week? Make it a habit. After one week try one. You'll be surprised how organized your home after this.

Thanks for reading, I hope these help! Have a great day;-)
Talk soon,
Alea Miralek

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