” Heavy rain continues outside the car’s window. The car is moving slowly. I watched my children at the back, tired waiting to get home. The clock now shows 5.15 pm. In my mind, I was still planning what to cook for dinner later. What is inside the fridge? It seems like I can’t remember a thing. I did not check it yesterday. After half an hour in traffic congestion, after 30 minutes we have arrived home.

I opened the door. Oh, my goodness .. my house looks terrible! Fortunately, no guest came. Toys from last night scattered on the floor, the dishes unwashed and the clothes still inside the washing machine, I forgot to hang it.

I realized something; I forget my responsibility to care for this house. I complained alone. How good it would be if I have a maid. (Ahh! Just ignore it). ”

Busy daily lives sometimes make us feel that we have no time to organize our home and clean it. (Except you have a maid at home, this is not a big problem for you!) But for me, a clean and organized house is essential for us and me responsible for doing that as my husband is working somewhere else and I live with small kids.

Like me, maybe you go to work early in the morning and reach your home by the evening. After you arrive, you busy to prepare for dinner, bath your kids, and lots of housework to do. Am I really have no time to manage my home?

So, when is the right time to organize and clean your home? But before that, let me tell you why you need a clean and organized home.


Why clean and organize our house?

1. Live stress-free – We already tired and stress with our work at the office. We go home to have a good rest and have fun with our kids. A messy house just makes your stress level goes up and makes you angry. A home is a place for relaxing our mind after we work long hours. An unmanageable house is a big no-no if you want to live the stress-free life.

2. Do some family activities – A clean and organized home makes small space looks wider. Floor full of toys makes the living room looks small. For example, if you want to do some coloring activity with your kids but your living room is full of toys on the floor, how can you start your activity with a space like that? A clean living room makes you more comfortable to start your activity than wasting your time to clean up the toys first before start coloring.

3. To avoid outsiders think bad about yourself – Friends or neighbors sometimes come to your house without calling you first. If they come to your home and you’re your house is miserable and smelly, they will think that you are terrible in managing your house. Don’t let anyone feel wrong about you.

4. More accessible for you to find something – Everything has their own ‘home’. Like keys, toys, DVD and so on. After you use something, please make sure you put it in place. No more wasting time in the morning looking for car keys and rush to go to work.

5. Makes you family healthier – Hah! This is the most important one why you need a clean and organizes the home. A clean house means less garbage and no awful smell. No rats and no flies that bring diseases to your home. An excellent antibacterial cleaner makes your home germ-free (At least minimise it!). The house always smells fresh and makes you comfortable. A bad smell from garbage in the kitchen just makes you a headache and feels sick!

All right, there are only 5 reasons why we need to have a clean and organized home. Actually, it’s more than that, but the purpose of this blog post is to show you how to achieve a clean and organized home. So let’s move on.

How to find time to do all these??

Oh, my! But I’m too busy. I don’t have time to do all that! Okay, one more problem here. I have no free time. At first, I also have the same problem like you, no time for this, no time for that. But believe me, if you really want a clean house, please make time. Everyone has 24 hours per day. That’s what I said to myself when I start to procrastinate. We have the same problem. To manage this, we can start with a small task first. Don’t think all these cleanings and organizing things will need a whole week or a day ya!;-) Okay, let’s find some time here.

1. Make a schedule for weekly or daily cleaning and organizing your home. You can have my plan and use it as an example to build yours.

2. Please make it on the spot for everything if you can make it less than 10 minutes. For example, before you have a bath, take 5 minutes to clean up the toilet. After having a shower, clean up the bathtub instantly. I’m sure it will take less than 10 minutes to do the cleaning job. Another example is you can clean up and throw up some unwanted items in your refrigerator or rearrange the kitchen cabinet while waiting for the rice to cook.

3. Keep everything in place. After you use something, please make sure you keep it the same place. Never procrastinate by telling yourself, you will keep it at the nearer room because you are lazy to walk. For example, you take nail cutter from your bedroom and use it in the living room, after that, please keep it in the bedroom again and not leave it in your living room. This will help you to save time to find it when you want to use it.

4. Never multitask – Multitasking is not a good thing in some situation. You will make your brain to think two things at the same time, and this will make you slower. Make one task at a time, and you will more concentrate and make your work done faster. If you finish your job more quickly, you will have extra time between your task. Steal this spare time by doing something easy. You can use 2 minutes to wipe the furniture or wash the dishes.

Before we start cleaning

Okay, now we already make the time. Before we start cleaning and organize our home, please make the following steps:

1. Declutter all unnecessary things (Do this for all rooms in your house) – Take some time to look at all things inside your home. Your clothes, books, DVD, toys, old furniture and all unwanted or damaged items. Throw away damaged items. All papers, damaged furniture, old break magazine, break gadgets and everything that you can’t use anymore.

2. Keep things that you use once in a while – Sometimes we just use the item once a year like for any occasion or celebration. You can keep this stuff in a closed cabinet or box and take it out when you use it.

3. Donate to someone – For things that still look new, but you never use it, you can donate it to your friends or your neighbor. This step is essential to help you to maximise the space and make it more accessible. The less your item, the easier to clean and organize your home.

4) A collection that you love but only look at it once a while – Some of us collect something as a hobby, you can have a separate room to keep this of keeping it inside a box. If you want to see it, then you can open it again.

Gather Your Tools

Now you finish cluttering your items. Alright, now you know the reason why you need a clean and organize the home, you have time to do all that and decluttering all necessary things. Before you start cleaning, let’s gather some cleaning materials.
1. Multipurpose cleaner
2. Furniture cleaner and polish
3. Glass cleaner
4. Bleaching agents
5. Detergent
6. Stain remover
7. Liquid dish soap
8. Fabric softener
9. Toilet bowl cleaner
10. Newspaper for glass
10. Rubber gloves
11. Old toothbrush
12. Scrub brush
13. Broom
14. Mop

Remember one rule, always clean up from top to bottom. Okay, it’s cleaning time!

Entrance of your home
You will pass through this door every time you reach your home. Hmm.. What you have here?
1. Shoe shelves – Every time after you wear your shoes, please arrange it on the spot nicely. Please put one small clothes to wipe it everytime you take your shoes. Don’t put it on the floor with the hope you will arrange it later. This is because you will get busy and forgot to make it when you in the house.
2. Umbrella – Prepare an empty box or hang your umbrella correctly. It will make your life easier and just grab the umbrella when rainy days come.
3. Key’s hook – This is only a suggestion, You can hang it somewhere else in the living room. But I prefer to hang the keys at the back of the door of my living room. No more wasting time searching for keys and just grab it when you are going out.
4. Bags and coat hanger – After work or school, the first thing we will put your coat and bags. Make a hook for bags and jacket, so it’s easier for you are to reach it when you going to work again.

Remember one rule, always clean up from top to bottom.


Living room

Let’s move on to your living room. In my place, the living room is the place for resting, watching tv and do some indoor activities with my kids. It easy for me to look at my kids while watching tv. Some other people maybe have two different resting place and living room, the rule is still the same. Start cleaning from top to bottom.

1) Switch off the fan.Wipe the fan with micro-fiber clothes or wet clothes. Use your broom to wipe the edge of the ceiling which can accumulate dust.
2) Wipe the glass window and make it shine.
3) Wipe the furniture with microfiber. Start with using vacuum for your soft furniture to get rid all the strange things that accumulate under seating cushions. You may also vacuum the back, sides, and front of your sofa and chairs.
4) Wipe the tv and magazine shelf.
5) Sweep and lastly mop the floor.
6) Spray some air freshener to make it smell sweet and fresh.


1. Wash the bed sheet and pillow sheets.
2. Collect all dirty clothes.
3. Keep all toys in place.
4. Throw away some garbage if you have it.
5. Wipe the glass window and the furniture.
6. Arrange the furniture in the bedroom nicely
7. Sweep the floor and mop.
8. Make the bed when the bedsheets and pillow sheets are clean and dry.
9. Make a label for essential shelf or racks.


1. Wash all the dishes
2. Clean the sink
3. Clean the refrigerator
4. Wipe down stovetop.
5. Throw unwanted items or garbage
6. Wipe the cabinet and all the containers to avoid small insects.

7. Arrange the kitchen cabinet and label it. Arrange according to which item is always use and which are used once in a year. Keep your blender, making cake stuff in a closed cabinet and take it out when you use it.
8. For kitchen cabinet. You can use clear containers like Tupperware to keep all the items neatly.
9. Sweep and mop the floor
10. Make labels for kitchen cabinets


1. Clean the toilet bowl.
2. Clean the bathtub
3. Arrange the toiletries
4. Brush the floor
5. Dry it up
6. Spray some air freshener


How to organize?

1. Arrange the magazine, DVD according to which always use and use once in a while.
2. Label magazine and DVD shelf
3. Arrange your furniture. Try to minimize the area for furniture and leave a space.
4. Always follow the arrangement of any items from the shortest to the highest one to make it look nice.


I keep my kids toys in a different box. For example, kid’s books for reading in a shelf, my daughter and my son toys in a separate box. So, they can tidy up their toys and keep it in their box. Just play with one type of toy at a time.


Arrange your clothes according to its uses. For daily wear, I will fold it in an open space shelf. For work clothes, I will hang it and organize it from Monday to Friday wear. For dinner or occasion wear, I keep it on the right side of the cupboard.

The most important part is trying to minimise the thing in your house. This will help you easy to clean and organize your home faster. I hope these help you. Try not to be perfect all the time. We are working mothers and tired of managing all those things. Just looking better and cleaning the home is a key to live healthily and peacefully.

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