We are always busy with our work at the office and home so we do not have time to play and entertain our kids. Have a full day to work outside, when arriving at home we are busy managing our home. They are waiting for us at home from the morning to play with them, but we may not be aware of that fact.

But are you really busy? Do you ever want to play with your son, but don’t know how to start and when? Taking them out may take some time. So how about we make some indoor activities with them like doing easy crafts for toddlers? Excuse me. Crafts? I don’t know that.

According to Wikipedia, crafts are hobbies or professions that require special skills and knowledge of skilled workers. In the historical sense, especially the Middle Ages and earlier, the term is usually used for people who are inhibited in the production of small items, or their maintenance, for example by tinker. Traditional term craftsmen and craftsmen are now often replaced by artisans and rare by craftsmen. Okay, that is craft. Maybe you are not interested in that. But, If you really want to spend some time with your toddler, you can try all these crafts. All these easy crafts for toddlers can be done in 15 minutes or less. Let’s move…

Actually, you do not really need a difficult to do craft. Yeah, you do not want to sell or want to show you great and have high art. We do this just to make them happy and fun; at least we have a little time making something with them. Do not worries about the craft here because I already choose the very simple and takes only 5 to 15 minutes.

There are hundreds of hundreds of craft projects that you can create with your kids who do not need special skills or tools and take less than half an hour of your time. Your little one actually does not know what they are doing when doing a craft.

According to Amy Yang, the founder of Brooklyn Design Lab, an art school for children. Little children are just as intense at the moment – they like the way they feel when they smooth the paint on paper, how it looks when they sprinkle glitter, and even the soft sound of the brush makes it cross the yard.

Unlike older children and adults, most preschool children and children are unaware of what they are doing or focus on creating a finished product. But letting and allowing the children to enjoy the process of creation – can achieve great rewards. “Kids will be better in the long run if they are just allowed at the moment and have declared themselves,” he said.

Okay, So Why Toddler Needs To Craft?

Why make a craft? How about we just buy toys and let our child play alone or we can join them and play together? Hmm.. Actually, This craft art is very good for small children. Do you know why craft is so good? Let’s see below:

1) Increasing creativity and imagination – Crafts will not only increase your kid’s chances of being your next Picasso. Haha! Do not be surprised. You also help her develop mental, social, and emotional, said Ecklund-Flores. Creating art can increase the ability of young people to analyze and solve problems in many ways, according to Mary Ann F. Kohl, author of Primary Art: Crafting is a process, not a completed product.

2) Improve the Mathematical Basis-By calculating pieces and colors, they learn the basics of mathematics.

3) Improving science base – When children experiment with materials, they launch science.

4) Improve self-confidence – Most importantly, when children feel good when they are creating, art helps to increase self-esteem. And children who feel able to experiment and make mistakes feel free to create a new way of thinking, which goes beyond craft space.

5) It helps children to focus – Complete crafting decisions and some concentration and discipline. As a result of being rewarded and rewarding personally, children will want to solve them so they can show the final product to their parents and friends.

6) Building a child’s self-esteem – when children take part in art activities with classmates, the feedback they give to each other builds self-esteem by helping them learn to receive criticism and praise from others.

7) Two-way coordination – dyes, paintings, cuts, all of which require your child to use both of their hands together. These skills are important in other areas of life as they continue to grow, such as writing, tying shoes, typing and more!

8) Embracing patience – Crafts that require drying require waiting! This is a good lesson for you children to show self-control and patience. By starting small, with crafts, children learn satisfaction and pride of completing the project.

9) Learning to make decisions – Children decide how quickly or how slowly they will complete their project, and finally, how they will assess their creation.

11)) Offline time. This is a great way to get your child into an activity that does not involve a TV, computer, or video screen.

12) Great bonding opportunities – Finally, craft with your kids gives you the opportunity to spend time with them. If you can get the whole family to work together, it’s better. Although hands are busy making handicrafts, children will often open and talk about anything that appears on their heads. You can also use the time to ask questions about topics you want to know more about like their friends or school or how they feel about the problem.

So, have you convinced the benefit of doing crafts now? Okay, before we start let’s make some preparation.

  1. Prepare for chaos and messy. Provide art space where your child can be free to experiment. Throw a drop cloth or newspaper on your kitchen table or in the garage. If weather permits, let the children paint outside.
  2. Avoid giving instruction. Do not give suggestions or tell your child what to do or how to make it. Instead of saying, “Rainbow Cat,” encourage him to “experiment with color mixing using a variety of brushes and papers,”
  3. Speak specifically about what he do. When talking to your child about his artwork, try to be accurate in your comments. For example, instead of giving a praise, but say “I see you use a lot of purples, why are you choosing that color?”
  4. Explore your child’s process. Often the best way to encourage conversation about your child’s art is to say, “Tell me what you’re doing,” or ask, “Have you had fun?”
  5. Support his art. Even you are not participating in doing the craft. Be there.

 Craft Type

There are hundreds if not thousands of different handicrafts. Today, I will give you 5 different easy crafts for toddlers. Simple and quick. For a fun family time, try one of these sweet and easy projects made from daily materials.

Easy Crafts For Toddlers 1 – Wood Crafts (Popsicle Sticks)

Crafts using wood are great but need high accuracy and are quite difficult to make by children because it is difficult to cut like papers. But not for popsicle stick! Let’s see what we can do with this popsicle stick.

1) Glittering Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees – Christmas is almost near! Let’s  make Christmas tree with a popsicle stick? This craft I got from Debbie Chapman from onelittleproject.com. The materials you need are:

  • Colored popsicle sticks, Foam sticker stars, Sticker rhinestones,  Twine, Glue gun, Utility knife.

For instructions to make this cute Christmas tree, click here: http://onelittleproject.com/glittering-popsicle-stick-christmas-trees/

2) Crafty Popsicle Stick Baby Chick for Spring – If the first craft, we make a Christmas Tree, this time for the spring. It’s a cute baby chick and it’s very easy to make. This craft I took from Stacey Gibbon from makeandtakes.com. Among the materials you need are as follows:

  • Jumbo Popsicle Sticks {3 per baby chick}, White School Glue, Yellow, Orange Cardstock, Yellow Decorative Scrapbook Paper, Paint brushes, Paper plate, Scissors, Black marker

For craft instruction, you can visit here: http://www.makeandtakes.com/popsicle-stick-baby-chick

3) Diy Clothespin Airplanes Tutorials – Special craft for boys. Almost all boys love the plane. We always keep on using paper. Let’s change the material to a popsicle stick, more durable and easy. Okay, among the materials needed are:

  • Popsicle stick, clothespin, Glue, Crayola kids paint

For instructions, please click here:  http://www.hotdiytutorial.com/diy-clothespin-airplanes-tutorials/

4) DIY Bear Tutorial – Make bear with wood? Hmm .. can you? Of course, you can .. Creativity has no limit. But, in one case, the bear can not be hugged, and we are going to make just the head. Best of all, you are not only teach your child a popsicle stick bear, but there are also raccoons, Santa claus, birds and more. Among the ingredients you need are:

  • Popsicle sticks, googly eyes, foam sheets to make some shapes for the bear’s face, Acrylic paint and paint brush, White glue or glue stick for sticking things together, Pom pom, scissors, sharpie for adding details

For instructions, please click here: http://www.craftionary.net/popsicle-stick-animals/

5) Popsicle stick flower – For girls who like flowers, you can try this craft. Its size is suitable and can be colored with any color according to your child’s creativity. Among the materials needed are:

  • Popsicle Sticks, Paint, Paint Brush, Glue, Pom Pom and Pipe Cleaner (We used a green pipe cleaner for the leaves.)

For instructions, please click here: http://raisinglittlesuperheroes.com/popsicle-stick-flower/

6) Popsicle birdhouse – We always see people making bird houses by using wood. It’s hard to do it because it needed a high level of craftsmen, but for children birdhouse, we only use popsicle sticks. Try to see the birdhouse below, cute right? Your child will definitely love it, though it’s small in size. Okay, the materials are not much, just four materials!:

  • Colored popsicle sticks, Hot glue gun and hot glue, Rope, and Birdseed

For instructions on creating a birdhouse, please refer to this: https://www.babble.com/crafts-activities/diy-popsicle-bird-house/?cmp=smc%7C554035474

Easy Crafts For Toddlers 2 – Nature’s craft

Little children like to be outside the home. It’s good if we add their outdoor activities with crafts from nature. Seeing more fun, isn’t it?

1) Hand and fingerprint tree – This craft is produced by Nell from Rhythmofplay.com. This craft not only looks unique, but it can also be a gift to a mother, father or anyone during a certain occasion like mother’s day or father’s day. This craft requires your child to paint, so make sure you are together making this craft: Some of the materials needed are;

  • 4 wrapped canvas square frames the same size. [I used 6 in X 6 in], Acrylic craft paints in several colors of your choice [best selling colors I, best selling colors II, and metallic colors], Podge mode, Paint brushes, Foam brush for top coat [In brush set above], Artist smock or apron, Pencil, Paint tray and Your child’s hand and fingers

For instructions, please click here: http://rhythmsofplay.com/diy-all-season-hand-and-fingerprint-tree/

2) Nature craft collage – Who says collage is difficult? Hmm .. no need to make a hard collage. This craft just easy and simple one. For this craft, you can take the leaves or flowers from your outside house area. There are only 2 materials you need:

  • Flowers or leaves and Clear Con-Tact Paper

For instructions, please click here: http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/14525/nature-craft-collage

3) Leaf rubbing art – Hah! This one very easy! Sometimes it’s hard for small children to draw or paint the leaves. But try to grab the leaves and put them at the back of the drawing paper. Color it by your child’s favorite color. Just press and color. Easy right? There is only 2 material needed.

  • Leaves and color only.

Click here to view the instruction: http://www.kcedventures.com/blog/art-and-science-of-leaf-rubbings-nature-activity#_a5y_p=2572037

4) Write with nature – We keep writing using pen or pencil. Enhance your child’s creativity by writing and forming words using natural materials. Definitely fun! The material you need is:

  • Leaves, stems, and twigs, Sturdy paper, and Glue

In addition to writing creations using these leaves, stems, and twigs, there are many other crafts here also: http://www.parents.com/fun/arts-crafts/kid/simple-craft-projects-for-kids/?slideId=57682

5) Seashell koalas – This koala is so cute, right? Seashells can be such a cute craft. Your child will definitely like it. This craft I get from Martha Stewart. I know yo know her. Do not worry, this craft is easy. The material you need is

  • The shells and glue only.

Click here for instructions: http://www.marthastewart.com/275439/nature-crafts-for-kids

6) Rainsticks Musical Sensory Bottle – Another great craft from Nell. We love to listen to the music, so how about making some sounds here. The material needed is:

For instruction, please refer here: http://rhythmsofplay.com/diy-rainstick-musical-sensory-bottle/

Easy Crafts For Toddlers 3 – Paper crafts

Papercrafts are very popular easy crafts for toddlers because they are not easily formed, and can easily be made into a variety of crafts. Let’s see what our children can do with paper.

1) Accordion Paper Snake Craft – This craft is very easy. Your child will definitely like to make a snake by just using the paper. Materials needed are only:

  • Colored paper (2 types of colors), glue and markers or sculptures.

Click here for instructions: https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/accordion-paper-snake-craft/#_a5y_p=4407070

2) Paper plate bird – If we used a popsicle to make a bird house, now we use a paper plate to make a bird. The material is:

  • paper plate, paint, paintbrushes, scissors, glue, craft feathers, googly eyes, yellow craft foam or construction paper – for the beak (not pictured)

The instruction is here: http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/52258/paper-plate-bird-craft

3) Rocket – This craft I found from Heidi from happinessishomemade.com. Looks beautiful and its colorful rocket. We have used a popsicle to make the airplane before, so now we use the paper to make a rocket. Among of the required materials are:

  • Cardboard tubes – toilet paper, paper towels, gift wrap, etc., White glue, Paper – construction or scrapbook papers work well, Straws, Decorations & embellishments – glitter, sequins, ribbons, pipe cleaners, etc, Optional: paint, paint brushes, tissue paper for “flames”

For further instructions, please click here: http://www.happinessishomemade.net/4th-of-july-rockets-kids-craft/

4) Crafted paper flowers – Hah! This one is simple. Who never made flowers using paper. No need for a hard one but an only simple flower with just cutting. The materials are:

  • Cardstock, crayons, buttons, wire, and a willing kidlet (or two).

Click here for how to create it: https://www.thegirlcreative.com/kid-crafted-paper-flowers/


5) Butterfly card – Surely you’ll be happy if you get a homemade card from your child. Let’s teach your child to make cards. So, no need to buy expensive cards anymore. The handmade cards for say are more meaningful to us because our child makes it on their own. Among the ingredients are:

  • Construction paper or card stock paper, Paint, Paper plate or shallow dish, Pipe cleaner (and something sharp to cut it with), Marker, Loose glitter and Glue

Click here for instructions: http://www.busybeekidscrafts.com/Sparkly-Butterfly-Card.html

6) Pretty Paper Fans – I know most of us have as tried this craft. To avoid the usual one and making the fan more attractive, try change A4 paper to a more beautiful colorful paper. Among the materials are:

  • Colorful pretty cardstock, Ribbon and Punch

In addition, there are also many other crafts here: http://www.parents.com/fun/arts-crafts/kid/easy-paper-crafts-for-your-kids/

Easy Crafts For Toddlers 4 – Wearable crafts

Finally, we get to the craft that can be worn after children make it! These must be fun when they can show their results by wearing them in front of you or their friends.

1) Folded Paper Bracelets – The girls are very fond of bracelets. It would be fun if you could wear your own bracelet. This craft I take from Kate from picklebums.com. Among the materials required are:

  • Paper, Color pencil or water color, Ruler and Scissor

For instructions on making this craft, please click the link below: http://picklebums.com/make-folded-paper-bracelets/

2) Paper bag tiara – This craft does not only make your child looks beautiful but feel like the aurora princess for using artificial flowers and artificial leaves. This craft I took from Jackie from http://happyhooligans.ca. Among the ingredients needed are:

• Paper grocery bag, artificial flowers, low heat glue gun and Raffia

Click this link for instructions to make tiara: http://happyhooligans.ca/paper-bag-tiara/

3) Candy necklaces

Another craft for your girl. Necklace! this craft is very creative for using candy. But it can not be use that long since the ant will come. The materials needed are:

  • Nylon cord and candy with holes.

The instruction can be found here: http://www.designimprovised.com/2015/06/picnic-ideas-for-kids.html

4) Animal mask – Boys would love this one. They will make animal masks. This craft I take from kidspot.com which is to make a lion mask. Among the ingredients needed are:

• Sheet of card, colored paper, drawing paper, marker, scissors, tape, glue, pipe cleaners and/or wool for decoration, paddle pop stick

For instructions on making this lion mask, click here: http://www.kidspot.com.au/things-to-do/activity-articles/create-an-animal-mask/news-story/c5128a076288159ba5907f8e688310ce?ref=collection_view

5) Clown hat – This hat can not only be made for a clown but can be worn for a variety of occasions like birthday or other activities. Among the ingredients are:

  • Construction paper, Paper circles or any water-based paint, Gift ribbons or various colors of crepe paper, White glue, Pompom, Scotch tape and Scissors

Let’s see how to do it here: https://www.firstpalette.com/Craft_themes/Wearables/Clown_Hat/Clown_Hat.html

6) Bejeweled crown – Another craft to wear on the head. This time your children can act like a royal or king. The bejeweled crown is very attractive because it is decorated with rhinestones. Among the ingredients needed are:

  • White card stock, Gold poster paint, tempera or acrylic paint, Paintbrush, Scissors, White glue and Things to decorate your crown with: rhinestones, plastic gems, sequins, gem-style stickers, glitter glue, metallic paper, tinsel paper, etc.

Let’s make a crown here:  https://www.firstpalette.com/Craft_themes/World/Bejeweled_Crown/Bejeweled_Crown.html


Easy Crafts For Toddlers 5 – Felt crafts

Mostly felt craft listed here is very simple and requires a bit of stitch (you can help your kid to sew). Felt is also an easy-to-molded compare to paper and softer and more durable than paper.

1) Finger Puppets for your Fairy Tale Castle – This is a cute finger puppet. Surely your child likes to play with this finger puppet. To makes it is really easy. You just need materials like:

  • Scissors, some colored felt, needles, and yarns.

Let’s see how to make it here: https://liagriffith.com/how-to-make-finger-puppets-for-your-fairy-tale-castle-part-1/

2) Felt snowman – Hah! It’s time for snowman. No need to wait winter to create a snowman. You can make it at home. The required materials are:

  • 1 yard of white felt, 2-3 sheets of black felt, 1 sheet of orange felt, 1 sheet of red felt, spray adhesive, and Scissors

Click here for how to create it: https://www.lifewithmylittles.com/felt-snowman/

3) DIY no sew flower – These felt flowers do not require you to sew. What’s best, this felt can not only be used as a jewelry but you can be stylish by wearing it as a brooch, headband or bracelet. Among the ingredients needed are:

  • Felt in various colors for the flowers, Green Felt, Twigs, hot glue gun, hot glue, scissors, pencil, buttons, lids or a circle template – we used 3 “and 6” in diameter.

For instructions please click here: https://www.mommymoment.ca/2016/04/diy-no-sew-felt-flowers.html

4) Felt cupcakes – Yum, yum. It looks delicious this colorful cupcake. All you need are:

  • Colourful felt, glue, and scissors.

For instructions please click here: https://alphamom.com/family-fun/crafts/build-a-felt-cupcake/

5) No sew carot – If your child already makes cupcakes, now let’s make a healthier meal. Carrot! And this carrot need no sew also. What is needed to make this carrot? Let’s look at the materials below:

  •  Orange Felt, Green Felt, Scissors, Glue Gun, Batting or polyfill stuffing and Ribbon of your Choice

For instructions on making a carrot please click here: http://30minutecrafts.com/2013/03/no-sew-felt-carrot.html

6) Mail box – This last craft I took from http://nateandrachael.com. This mailbox set is very interesting and easy to make it. The materials required are:

  • X-Acto knife, Decorative shape templates (Tracers), Scissors, Ruler, Paint markers (Painters), Designer tape, Felt, Velcro, Hot glue, Spray paint, Cardboard and Duct tape

Let’s see how to make it anyway: http://nateandrachael.com/easy-no-sew-mail-and-play-mailbox/

That’s 30 easy crafts for toddlers that you can try for daily activities for a month. You are sure to enjoy it because you can take less than 15 minutes to make handicrafts with them even when you are busy with your work. Have some little time with your child and make them happier today.

See you in the next post and have a great crafting day!


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