I just arrive at my home, and once I open the door, my little daughter reaches me with a happy face.
"Yeah! Mom is coming home, let's play together."
"Muni, it's 5.30 pm already. Time to have bath okay."

My little daughter just follows what I said. She is only three years old, but her face still shows she is happy to have me with her.
After having our dinner, I need to go to additional class by 8.00 pm. The final exam is around the corner, and my school already make a schedule for each teacher. My daughter still wants to play with me.

"Mom we are going to work again."
"I still have class sweetie, you go to sleep, and we continue playing again tomorrow ya"
" No mom! You are working from the morning until the evening; now you are going to work again!" Her face starts to change.
"I'll buy you a new toy tomorrow, we going to the mall tomorrow ya."
"No! I don't want to play those toys! I just want you to be here with me! You just don't love me anymore! She runs to her room and left me with an empty heart.

Some people said, our children will understand why we need to work overtime and have less time with them. We find money so we can provide them with their needs, expensive toys, branded clothes and think they will be happy for that.
But my inner feeling said, children just can't think that way. Their priority is to have you with them. They are still little kids; they don't understand why we need to work long hours.

You give them fast food to prevent them from starving because you just don't time to cook the healthier food, you give them branded clothes to make them feel proud you are the best mom who can afford it compared to their friends.
But the truth is, the only thing that makes them happy is your presence with them even you have nothing to give.

Hi, I am Aleanor Adam, A mother of 3 beautiful children, a wife to a wonderful man, blogger, and founder of Inspired Mamma. I studied Chemistry and Biology Education and become a high school teacher about 9 years. I enjoyed spending my days on teaching my students the importance of scheduling their time while studying efficiently and effectively.

Hi! I'm Aleanor Adam!‚Äč

We cannot be perfect all the time. We can't divide our self to be at two places at the same time. That's where Inspired mamma comes in.
If you are working mother, Do not have time to cook healthy food for your family, Do not have time to play with children, The condition of your home, unmanageable and always Feeling unhealthy and tired? You come to the right place.

At Inspired Mamma, you will learn how to manage your time to choose what really matters in your life. Your family, your health, and your money.
Work is important, but family is Godsend. You can find another job, but you can't have your family back once you lose them.

If you are like me, the purpose we work is actually to find money to serve our family better.
You need to work, but you also need time to have fun with them and have time for yourself too.

Living healthy and happy is the core to have the better life. As I mentioned before, we can't be a perfect parent, but at least we try to be. But be as flexible as you are, because the problem will always come and go. This is life anyway.

If you have the same thinking as me, join our community and let makes our life better. Show to everyone that working mom can be as strong like stay at home mom. Be a mom your kids can be proud of;-)


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