Your working mom daily schedule, is it something like this?

You wake up to starts working as early as 5 am. Find out what clothes to wear, ironing clothes, preparing children to school, go to the caretaker and go to work. You did not have time to prepare breakfast and just give your child money to eat at school.

After working for 8 hours, you arrived at home at 5.00 pm. The children’s toys are all over the living room floor since last night, the house is cluttered and unmanageable. You want to prepare dinner, but you are too tired. Then you order fast food to send home. Because you are too tired, after having a dinner you and your family sleep early and your life is repetitive like that every day.

Prior to that, let’s look at some of the characteristics below:
1) Are you a working mother?
2) Do not have time to cook healthy food for your family?
3) Do not have time to play with children?
4) The condition of your home, unmanageable?
5) Feeling unhealthy and always tired?

If this is you. Do not worry, you’re in the right place. If you are aware and want to change your life but do not know where to start, I will help you. 

Hi, I am Aleanor Adam, A mother of 3 beautiful children, a wife to a wonderful man, blogger, and founder of Inspired Mamma. I studied Chemistry and Biology Education and become a high school teacher about 9 years. I enjoyed spending my days on teaching my students the importance of scheduling their time while studying efficiently and effectively.

Hi! I'm Aleanor Adam!

I was a highly productive person before I get married, having a schedule and always do my work on time. But after getting married and having my first baby, I have become miserable. My life gets unmanageable and my works always postponed. Become a working mother while managing your family is kind of hard work. Too much to do and overwhelmed with all the tasks. Like the situation above, Yes, I’ve been like that. I know how bad the unmanageable life is. And worse, I can not care for my family’s health and have no time with them. Repeated, boring and tiring life.​

I just can’t live like this.  This is not the life I want. This is not me, so I try to figure out how to make it right. What's really matter to me has become subsided. My family, my health and my financial situation. As a chemistry and biology teacher, my knowledge helps me to identify what foods are healthy and unhealthy. I have also been following various nutrition courses, health, reading a lot of productivity books to improve my life. To have a working mom daily schedule is really helpful to me. I made a daily schedule and tried to apply what I learned and ultimately my life was more manageable and I was able to provide healthier food and spend more time with my children while working as a teacher.

Because of this, Inspired Mamma was born. In this blog, I will share how:
1) To increase your productivity.
2) To cook healthy meals and fast.
3) To take care of the house to be more organized.
4) To spend time and having fun with your kids.
5) To be healthy and become more energetic mom.

So, if all these are matters to you. We have the same mission. Let's make it right.  Join our family at Inspired Mamma with other mothers. Fill in your name and email below to get my working mom daily schedule, weekly healthy menu and weekly cleaning schedule.


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