The world today is filled with a variety of new disease threats, viruses, and bacteria that invade our daily lives. More fast food and drugs available anywhere. In short, we are easy to get sick because we are having bad eating habits and live in a polluted environment. Various illnesses problems began to arise. We are often given drugs by doctors and get conventional drugs to relieve pain quickly without realizing the side effects of these drugs to us.

Have you ever thought why the ancients people are healthier, have an extraordinary energy and have beautiful skin even we have the advantage of modern medicine compare to them? If you were here right now, you are likely…

1. You have been tried many medications and many beauty creams to beautify your skin. Maybe you have acne, dry skin, dry hair or maybe you look older than your actual age. Here you will be using alternative methods such as natural remedies from herbs, essential oils, and nutrition that can help to restore the beauty of your skin.

2. You may be overweight or underweight. Here you will find out what are the causes and learn how to choose the right foods to restore your weight to ideal levels without the use of pills or modern medicines that may have long-term side effects.

3. You want to live a healthy, balanced diet for your family. By strengthening the immune system and reduce pain naturally.

4. You are aware of the dangers of a chemical that is present in many medicines and beauty products these days and wanted a more effective method safely and naturally.

5. You want to reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

If you’re one of those I mentioned above, congratulations! You are at the right place. Inspired Mamma will help you live a more healthy and natural way by eating healthily and reducing the use of chemicals by switching to more natural living lifestyle.

A little history about me

Hi, I’m Eleanor. A wife, a teacher, a blogger and a mother of 3 children. I used to be a person who never knows which foods are healthy and unhealthy. I eat only based on taste alone, (that’s really bad, huh!) and do you want me to think about nutrition? Ahh! Far away. Just forget it. Fast food is my favorite food and quite frankly I prefer food that is on top of the pyramid. You know what I mean right? Sure you know. That is my youth life.

But as I’m getting older, as I am now 33 years old, I become thinner, the skin is getting worse with acne and my hair becomes dry and brittle. It’s hard to imagine those days. If I could I don’t want to get out of the house. I become underweight and look terrible. People around looked at me as if I do not eat even though I eat a lot. I did not look healthy and looks older than my actual age.

I feel unhealthy, lack of energy and lose confidence facing people. I’ve tried various pills and medicines I bought from the doctors and store but all no change. I’m looking for what has happened and I finally found the answer. It is because of my eating habits and all my beauty products are filled with chemicals that caused me to be very unhealthy. I study and read more books. I join a lot of food course, natural remedies course and read a lot. And finally, found the answer.

I turn to natural treatment methods, produces my own beauty creams and choose healthier food. For the first time, natural methods are beginning to show positive results and I’m slowly getting better than ever. My skin becomes smoother, and my weight increased slowly.

I saw this method is safe and effective but the best part is now I rarely get sick. I now no longer need Paracetamol or aspirin if I got a fever and will recover on my own in just a few hours without medication. That is the advantages I get from healing with nature. Now I practice this method to my children. At least they do not experience what I went through.

What will you find here

In Inspired Mamma, you’ll find all of the best real food recipes, natural living,  DIY beauty, natural remedies, and so much more. Here you will learn how to choose healthy food and minimize the chemical in products by making your own treatment.

Join our families at Inspired Mamma and change your life and your family to live a more healthy and natural living lifestyle.





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